Why Home Delivery?

Most families seem to run out of milk, bread, eggs and other everyday goods at the most inconvenient times.

Have your kids ever argued because there was only enough milk for one of them to have a bowl of cereal?

What about trying to make two sandwiches for school lunches only to find out that there are only three slices of bread left?

Why not have one less thing to worry about and set up a convenient regularly scheduled delivery to your home.
We offer weekly delivery of many of the items you might find yourself running out of
and we can save you the expense and hassle of having to run to the store for that unscheduled trip.

How it works.

Customers set up a standard order that we'll deliver each week to an insulated milkbox on your doorstep.

You're not obligated to take the order, it just gives us an idea as to what we should have on the truck.

Each week when we deliver your order, we'll leave a shopping list with all of the products we offer and filled in with what your standard order is.

Feel free to make changes as you wish and leave it in the milkbox.

Need a box cereal? Just check it off.

Would you like to treat the kids to a Half-Baked Pizza and a pint of Wilcox or Strafford Organic ice cream? Just check it off.

When we show up at your house, we'll run to the milkbox to collect the empty glass bottles, (yes they're returnable), pick up your shopping list, and return to the truck to fill your order. 

No need to order a week in advance or a day in advance. Everything is on the truck.