Product Guarantees

All items delivered to your Rise 'n Shine milkbox are guaranteed. If you have a problem with any of the items you ordered please shoot us an e-mail and we'll either replace it, if we're in the area or credit you on your next delivery.

Please realize that the trucks are traveling down some pretty rough roads and the boxes or containers that the products are in may get a bit scuffed up from all of the bouncing.


Skipping Deliveries

Please use the "Skip a Delivery" button on the home page if you are going away or do not need a delivery for another reason.

Please let us know as early as possible so we don't order product that is not needed and could go to waste.

If it is after 5AM the day of delivery, please leave a note in the milkbox so the driver is aware that you don't need a delivery.


Product Sell Dates

Please note that every effort is made to make sure that all products are sold before the "sell date" printed on the container/bottle. However there are as many as 1200 items on the truck and it's possible that something could slip by the loader and the driver. Please note that those are "sell by dates" not expiration dates. Of course, we'd like to know if you do happen to receive a product past it's "sell by" date so we can take care of it.