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We carry almost 200 products and about 90% of them have a direct connection to the Vermont economy and in most cases come from within a 100 mile radius of our home base in Charlotte

All of our milk comes from area farms. Hatchland Farm bottles all of our bST free milk.

We strive to keep our prices competitive with the local stores. There is a monthly service charge of $25 which drops to $20 after six months. This allows us to recoup the start up expenses for glass bottles, caps, insulated bags and ice packs that each new customer needs.

There's a $1.50 deposit on the glass milk bottles. You'll receive a credit every week for the empty bottles that you leave in the milkbox.

Please don't forget to rinse them out, especially in the summer.

Just think. Milk, eggs, bread and a whole lot more delivered farm fresh, right to your door.

If you would like us to provide you with a milkbox, let us know. They are hard to come by and we ask for a security deposit that could be either $25 for a reconditioned one (when available) or $80 for a new one.

Everything delivered to our milkbox is guaranteed. If you don't love the service just let us know and we'll happily return your deposit.

You can request a current Shopping List with all of our available products and pricing by clicking on the "Request a Shopping List" link.